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Job Overview

Thief, With low Def but high AGI, the thief is good at rapid moving and assassination and higher explosion power. Melee, Physical, and High Burst

Next Advancement

Job Change Information

You can change jobs to a Thief in the Desert City of Morroc. If you apply at the Thief Guild - located in the center of the 1st floor of the Pyramid, 10 o'clock direction in town - you will be given a task. The Thief job change task is to gather mushrooms from a Mushroom Farm full of Monsters. It's a test to evaluate agility and judgement. Orange Net Mushrooms are 3 points each, and Orange Gooey Mushrooms are 1 point each, and you will be evaluated at the Thief Guild once you have enough that add up to 25 points. Requirements are Job Lv 10.

01: This is the Thief Guild entrance. 02: A task will be given after talking to the guild member. 03: Mushroom Farm Guide, at East side of Pyramid. 04: Find as many Mushrooms to complete points