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Job Overview

Swordsman, The soldiers used heavy arms. The Agi was relatively low but the Atk was super powerful. Melee, Physical, High attack and defense. They are honest and as stubborn as the strong waves of the ocean. With strong physical attacks, defense, and a sense of command,

Next Advancement

Job Change Information

The place to change jobs to a Swordsman is located in the satellite city of Izlude. Apply to the Guildsman in the Swordsman Guild, located in the 9 o'clock direction of the town. The test begins after talking to all the appropriate people. The Swordsman job change test consists of walking through dark narrow passages to improve concentration and courage. After completing the test, talking to the Guildsman will change your job to a Swordsman. You must be at least Job Lv 10 to apply.

01: Go to Swordsman Guild 02: Talk to the Guildsman to take the job change 03: Be careful not to fall into the traps. 04: The test is over after meeting the scoring official.