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Job Overview

Magician, have low VIT and Def, but they can use the magical skills to carry out powerful magical Atk. Ranged, Magic, and AOE Dmg

Next Advancement

Job Change Information

You can change jobs to a Mage in the Magic City, Geffen. Apply to a guildsman inside the Magic Academy, located in the 10 o'clock direction of the city. The Mage job change test is used to determine intelligence and memory ability through the making of a mixture in a particluar order. For detailed ingredient information, refer to the bookshelf next to the Mixing Machine. If you succeed in creating the mixture, you will be able to change jobs to a Mage. Requirements are Job Lv 10 or higher.

01: Go to Magic Academy. 02: Ask the Guild Member about job change 03: for Mixture No. 3 ask the bookself 04: Put all materials on Mixing Machine.