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Job Overview

Hunter, After job change from archer to hunter, You can have more effective long distance Atk and use various traps and falcon to help the battle. Ultra Long Range, Physical, and High single target DPS

Preceeding Job

Job Change Information

You can change your job to a Wizard in the upper level of Geffen Tower. Apply to the Guildsman at the top of the Geffen Tower, located in the center of Geffen. Talk to the people as instructed and the job change test will begin. It is crucial to be able to determine a monster's attribute and attack accordingly. If you finish the test in one piece, you will be qualified to change to a Wizard. You must be at least Job Lv 40 or higher to apply.

01: Talk to Guildsman Hunter Guild. 02: Talk to the Guildsman to start test. 03: You will be tested on a couple different topics. 04: Get the voucher proof from Guildmaster.