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Job Overview

Blacksmith, The Blacksmith, searching for ores and minerals and carefully refining them to make weapons, has taken completeness as a principle in making these weapons and built a reputation of trust upon it.

Preceeding Job

Job Change Information

You can change jobs to a Blacksmith in the town of Geffen. Apply to the Guildsman inside the Blacksmith Guild, located in the 5 o'clock direction of the town, and talk to the person in Alberta to begin the job change test. The Blacksmith quest is similar to that of the Merchant's delivery quest. Once the quest is completed, go to the Guildsman in Morroc to take the final test, and you will be able to change jobs to a Blacksmith. Requirements are Job Lv 40 or higher.

01: Go inside Blacksmith Guild. 02: Apply for the job change test. 03: Get delivery quest from Geshunfenst of Alberta. 04: Final test by the Guildsman in Morroc.