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Job Overview

Archer, Archers can attack flexibly and move fast. They can also attack enemies from a further distance or a high place. Ultra Long Range, Physical, and High single target DPS

Next Advancement

Job Change Information

The place to change jobs to an Archer is located in the Mountain Vilage Payon. In the Archer Village, visit the Guildsman inside the Archer Guild. In order to raise concentration and patience, the test consists of gathering Trunks. By hunting Willows found near Payon, you gather a certain amount of Trunks and once they are turned in, you will be able to change jobs to an Archer. Job Lv 10 and higher is required.

01: Go to Archer Guild.. 02: Ask the Guildsman in charge of the test. 03: Hunt Willows to obtain Trunks 04: Submit the gathered Trunks to become an Archer.