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Job Overview

Acolyte, Acolyte has curing and healing power. It has great power to deal with the undead enemies. Ranged, Magic, Heal, Support

Next Advancement

Job Change Information

The place to change jobs to an Acolyte is located in the Capital City of Prontera. The test begins aftet talking to the Priest that can be found in the Sanctuary, located in the 2 o'clock direction of town. The test is meant to develop patience and faith. While clearing many different obstacles, you must visit 1 of the 3 people. Talk to the Priest once you have completed the test and he will change your job into an Acolyte. Job Lv 10 or higher is required.

01: This is the Prontera Sanctuary 02: Priest at west-west Geffen Field 03: Nun Matilda staying North of Morroc 04: Priest staying at North North East of Prontera